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We work with your company to identify position requirements, implement recruitment programs, and initiate employee assessments.

Hiring & Recruitment

We work with your company to identify position requirements, implement recruitment programs, and initiate employee assessments. We offer hiring and recruitment services for residential, nursing homes and hospitals that need healthcare workers. We take the time to understand your organisation’s unique needs and goals before developing a candidate profile that meets the requirements. Then, we pull from our global pool of potential applicants to provide clients with several possible candidates from which they can select.

Sponsor Licence application

Our staffing solutions extend beyond the borders of your country. There’s a greater chance that you’ll find the talent you need when expanding local horizons. To ensure our clients can hire these professionals from abroad, we help them apply for sponsor’s license. We’ll handle everything from the paperwork to the follow-ups and even employee monitoring to ensure everything is on track. This way, you can get the talent you need no matter where they are from.

Sponsor licence Management

We have resources to manager your sponsor license for the duration of each employee. We will handle any statutory reporting required to UKVI, ensuring that employees comply with specific conditions of their visas.

Benefit With Us?

At Optimum staffing we have a superb history of compliance and training, and we place the highest value on our care workers, and offer competitive rates. 


Most healthcare staffing agencies try to operate as catch-all providers offering staffing services for any number of healthcare roles. This can often lead to a significant decrease in the quality of candidates. At Optimum Staffing, we focus 100% on healthcare so that our clients have access to the best available prospective candidates. This translates into a more refined search and hiring process.


The Optimum Staffing team has decades of combined recruiting experience across the healthcare industry. We can staff nurses at all levels of the hierarchy to meet any need of a healthcare provider. Each of our team members is thoroughly vetted and highly trained to ensure our staffing services remain first class so our clients know they’re always getting the best.


When you work with Optimum Staffing, you get access to a global network of healthcare specialists. We’ll even help you navigate all the red tape to hire abroad directly. That’s less hassle and stress for you while augmenting your potential talent pool at the same time.

The Personal Touch

Every healthcare provider is unique, operating under different budgets and requiring different professionals to keep their organisation running efficiently. That’s why we offer tailored staffing solutions and provide each healthcare with the specific talent to continue offering clients the best services possible.

Solve Your Nursing & Care Needs

Serve your clients better

We understand the ultimate goal of all healthcare providers is to better meet their clients’ needs. One of the most important factors determining a company’s ability to deliver in this area is the quality of its staff. 

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