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Optimum Staffing is a globally leading healthcare recruitment agency relentlessly acquiring qualified professionals for healthcare providers.


Get full assistance in acquiring the best and brightest healthcare workers suitable for your specific requirements.


We access highly trained and experienced professionals from across the globe to care for your patients.

51% of organizations report recruiting and hiring as their most critical challenge


-Survey from XpertHR

With the current healthcare industry falling short of 7 million employees and this number expected to go up to 13 million by 2035 according to WHO’s report, quality staffing is a major struggle.

Optimum Staffing is here to help!

At Optimum Staffing, we adopt the latest recruitment strategies, tap into the world market of quality healthcare professionals, conduct extensive research, screen and hand pick the best candidates for you.

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You’re In Great Hands 10 Years Of Experience in Healthcare Recruitment

With over 10 yrs of combined experience in healthcare recruitment, our team specialises in providing tailored staffing solutions to meet your specific needs.

When we become your staffing partner, we work closely with you and handle every step of the hiring process, from identifying position requirements to handling the paperwork.

Outsource recruitment for an advanced,
efficient and fast hiring process

Our Core Values:

Your Globally trusted staffing partner with 100+ satisfied clients

If you envision providing top-quality healthcare services, our staffing solutions can make your vision a reality

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Efficient recruitment in the healthcare space needs professional expertise

With a decade’s experience, we carefully select the right staff who become the face of your organisation.

When you outsource hiring to us, we start with understanding your specific needs and create a tailored solution. We then install our smooth systems and processes to jumpstart recruitment. 

You will be constantly updated at every step of the hiring process as we work along with you. You can also get away with the allied work that comes with recruitment like applying for sponsor certificates for candidates selected abroad and handling other statutory requirements. 

As an added bonus, we forever assist you by continuing to monitor employee immigration status and visa conditions. With staffing left to us, we believe that’s one less job for you in excelling as a leading healthcare provider.

Why outsource recruitment?

Most leading healthcare providers today have joined the growing trend of outsourcing recruitment. It’s a smart decision because…

On an average, it costs more than $4,000 to hire a new employee with an average hiring period of 42 days, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

But, with outsourcing HR you cut costs effectively and save up to $450 per employee … which is huge!

The Hidden Benefits of Outsourcing

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A Glimpse of the Diverse Health and
Social Care Talent We Provide


Providing Alzheimer’s patients with the undivided attention and care they need to lessen their stress and afford a quality life in their own homes.


We provide personal care for adults who face health challenges and need a helping hand to carry on with their day-to-day lives


Healthy living of physically or emotionally disabled people is our prime responsibility. Expert home care is provided by empathetic staff.


Serving people with mobility issues, we give them back their freedom to move around confidently and feel in control of their lives.


Making lives less difficult with specialised palliative care for critically ill individuals while making sure they spend as much time as possible with their families.


Giving care-takers their much-needed break, professional respite care by qualified professionals is a huge relief.


Taking utmost care of elderly people, being their biggest support and making their lives better in their own homes.


Private nurses supporting a wide range of medicinal and healthcare needs. All nurses are specially trained and vetted professionals.

What Other Healthcare Providers are saying
about Optimum Staffing

Filipa Fernandes De Barros,Dementia Care Manager
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My experience with Optimum is quite positive. The care staff that work with us are very caring and supportive with both the team and residents. Contact with Optimum management has always been very positive as well (always replying in good time and are supportive)

Overall I am very happy to work in partnership with Optimum (I have even recommended them for other Care homes. 😊
Billie Parmenter,Administrator – Broome Park Nursing Home
Read More
We have been using Optimum for quite a few years now and I have always found them easy to work with. Optimum will always work hard to find us cover even at short notice! Optimum work with us so that they know what our requirements are in order to find us the best staff that fit those requirements and always try to rota us with nurses or cares that have worked with us previously to help with continuity for our residents.

The staff that Optimum do rota for us work hard and are skilled in the areas that we need especially the nurses.

Bid Farewell to Traditional Hiring Methods

Welcome the New Way of Healthcare Staffing



Frequently Asked Questions

With more than a hundred satisfied clients and an experienced team of 82 members, we are committed to giving you the best hiring experience. We value your time, and your dedication to serving your clients, and provide you with the best. This sets us apart from all the staffing agencies out there.

We take the responsibility of applying for sponsorship licenses for selected candidates from abroad and also continue monitoring employees’ immigration status and visa conditions. We take care of everything from start to finish.

Most leading healthcare providers today have joined the growing trend of outsourcing recruitment because it simply is the best way to go! It saves you time and eliminates the risk of bad hiring decisions. You can be confident about your employees when you leave recruitment to experts. We find your right fit by employing our years of experience and expertise.

Expanding your local horizons and hiring staff abroad may look like a lengthy, tough process. But, why hold yourself back when you can have us do it for you?


We take care of all the paperwork and statutory requirements follow hiring abroad. Our team has decades of combined experience in staffing. We give you the best so you can continue being the best.

We are all about giving our clients the best hiring experience. We specialise in creating tailored staffing solutions. For every specific issue you face while recruiting, we have a unique solution! We make sure your organisational culture and norms remain undisturbed by the new staff. When you talk to our team, you will understand that we do everything with you, rather than for you. You will be involved in every stage of the hiring process.

We acquire staff belonging to a wide range of specialties. Alzheimer’s care, personal care, disability care, mobility care, palliative care, respite care, elderly care, private nursing are the kinds of staff we provide.

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